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The “secret” of the fast development of Anastasiou Legal is the implemented investment in skilled labor and changing the approaches, attitudes, and quality of customer service. We are all proud of ourselves for the accuracy and precision of the achieved results. The strong desire to spread our enthusiasm and professionalism to our customers makes us significantly and highly motivated.

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We cooperate with Law Firm Anastasiou in various legal services as the legal representatives of our Russian company Monolith Plus in Georgia. Mainly changes in our company’s charter, minutes of meetings and different kinds of contracts drafting. We are recommending Law Firm Anastasiou to all foreign companies that need and trustworthily legal representatives in Georgia.
Oleg Doev
Monolith Plus - Russia, Director
I must say that Anastasiou Legal went above and ahead in their response and benefit and made it possible in extraordinary circumstances to achieve our goals. I would recommend Anastasiou Legal to anyone looking for reliable and trustworthy financial advisors who put their clients at the forefront of their business. I am most grateful to Anastasiou Legal and their staff for their kindness during our crisis; thank You all.
Giorgi Khachidze
MEGAVET - Director
Many thanks to the Law Firm Anastasiou and its professional staff for their many years of efficient and quality service. This is a company that can trust and entrusts your rights.
Gela Zarkua
Alandon Capital - Director
My contact with Law Firm Anastasiou performs a crucial role in my life and professional career. Our first collaboration was about immigration affairs in Georgia, where they did an outstanding job, and after a year of residence permit, they helped me extend it to 5. With Law Firm Anastasiou, we collaborate along the way in various areas starting from legal services ending with translations. My opinion is that it is by far the most fabulous legal company in Georgia and beyond. Thank you very much for your carefree support.

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