Nominee Services

A nominee director is an officially enrolled intermediary who functions as a company director. This is entirely legal, and many companies use them for a variety of purposes. In some Jurisdictions, the names of company directors are placed on the public record.
For those looking for new company registration with a nominee director, Anastasiou Legal has the expertise and resources to handle it most professionally. Provision of the nominee director service is beneficial to our clients for a number of reasons, including that you can establish a firm in Georgia but do not want to sign contracts or agreements on your own. You can run your business entity by using the general power of attorney. Please note that your nominee director cannot be used as the person with significant control of your entity. The beneficiary owner or a third party who owns the entity and manages the full control over the firm must be registered as the significant control person. Nominee directors never were and will never be named as the legal owners of your firm. In this case, if you want to use a nominee director for your currently incorporated entity, you will need to transfer its administration and its registered office address to Anastasiou Legal. Please contact us for further clarification.
If you have any queries about the company incorporation service with a nominee director, our consultants are available to offer you advice. For the most efficient and professional service in setting up a limited company using a nominee director, choose Anastasiou Legal. With us, you can register a company with a nominee director in Georgia and use one of our professional nominee directors’ services.

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