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Anastasiou consultancy delivers at both strategic and operational levels, including the setup and management of contact centers, database strategies, and sharing of best practices and proven techniques to encourage a business to perform at the most optimal level.
Through helping businesses reach out to their customers, we provide an ongoing consultation service, identifying the best tactics, timing, and messaging for key customer groups. We will work with you to identify and target profitable customers with personal and relevant communications that achieve real results.
We discover and analyze your customers’ voice, feeding customer experience management programs designed to improve overall business strategies. Our cross-industry experience allows us to minimize wasted contact with customers presenting accurate, actionable feedback on both brand and products. This customer opinion is fed into customer experience management programs, enabling our clients to react to their customers real-time.

We provide various consultation services to our clients based on their desired outcomes, focusing on noticeable results.
We work as a team on this edited approach, collecting various points of view and providing customized integral Business and Legal solutions.
We appreciate the opportunity to assist you in the discussion and solution and invite you to contact us.

– Tax consultancy
– Legal opinions regarding tax, civil and commercial matters
– Financing strategies
– Business structuring
– Student and study consultation
– Incorporations of companies
– Contracts and agreements
– Corporate service
– Labor and social security advisory services
– Tax recovery

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