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everyone is a immigrant in some point

Anastasiou Legal is a consultancy firm comprised of globally licensed lawyers and immigration specialists who provide operational guidance through the entire immigration process. We are a single point of contact between all parties involved to ensure the most optimal chances for approval of your application for migration.

Anastasiou Legal provides service to apply and satisfy all requirements to obtain a temporary/ permanent residence permit or Georgia citizenship. Customers can expect fair, unbiased, and professional treatment, as well as transparent and accountable decision making. Based on total customer satisfaction, our service simplifies the issuance of permanent and temporary residence or citizenship to foreigners who are lawfully residing in Georgia. We can help you collect all necessary documents issued by foreign agencies, legalized or certified by Apostille (upon necessity), translate into the Georgian language, and notarize accordingly. Our employees work with people from diverse cultures. They strive to serve them legally, efficiently, and with integrity.


dignity has no nationality

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