Surrogacy is an arrangement supported by a legal agreement. A woman (the gestational carrier) agrees to bear a child for another person or people who will become the child’s parent(s) after birth. This is entirely legal in the Georgia Republic.

People may seek a surrogacy arrangement when pregnancy is medically impossible, when pregnancy risks are dangerous for the intended mother, or when a single man or a male couple wish to have a child. Surrogacy is considered one of many assisted reproductive technologies.

In the Georgia Republic, there is a high demand for the surrogate mother, which resulted in establishing numerous agencies offering the service. This made it difficult for future parents to choose representatives, doctors, surrogate mothers, egg donors, and clinics.

Here is involved the Law Firm Anastasiou to assist you in finding the most reliable partners for the successful outcome. The legal services Law Firm Anastasiou offering are the following:

  • Personal lawyer throughout the whole process;
  • Making the agreements between the parties;
  • Notarization of the documents;
  • Controlling the whole surrogacy process in a legal context;
  • Find out the information about the company and related clinics to detect if the company is reliable;
  • Provide six visits to the independent doctor for the surrogate mother;
  • Registration of the birth of a newborn child;
  • Obtaining a child’s birth certificate;


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